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Winter to Spring Lawn Care

Are you curious to know about some tips for winter to spring care for lawn and yards? You are at the right place! If you want your property to look great this summer, here are some things to do in the spring. Deciphering warm or cool-season grasses depends on when they germinate, so following these tips for different types of greens and browns will help them stand firm through hot weather without wilting too much once temperatures peak.

Mowing and Watering

Though the temperature has cooled off, you should still maintain your lawn. Mowing and watering your lawn consistently will help with growth in the winter months and keep diseases away all season long.

If there isn’t about an inch of rain each week, you should cut any grass that becomes matted. This way, there’ll be less build-up around the same time next year.

Feeding the Lawn

When it’s the fall season, it’s necessary to feed your lawn to avoid risks that can cause the most considerable damages later. So, we highly recommend fertilizing it.

In this way, it does not only make your lawn beautiful. It is also a reason to make the plants and trees to provide food and flowers. In this way, with little effort, you can get double the advantages.


Do you know what’s better for a yard with lush green grass? Aeration will help to make your lawn beautiful and fresh.

Soil can get compacted during the summer because we use our outdoor areas for playing games or just lounging around. But this puts pressure on the roots, preventing them from getting air/nutrients next season.

That’s where an easy way like spot seeding comes into play – you don’t even need any machinery (or experience) before doing so yourself at home.

  • Aeration is the process of creating holes in the soil to absorb necessary nutrients from the ground. In this way, the land becomes fertile. It can absorb water and other nutrients easily without any hurdle occurring before aeration due to unfertile land.


Healthy lawns are great for the environment because they enable pests to thrive in low levels of pest control. On the other hand, harmful organisms will not survive without enough food sources or soil conditions that promote their development and well-being.

Allow us to help you keep your yard green during the spring in Greensboro, NC. We will mow, rake and water while setting up an individualized plan that considers what else needs attention this season grass finishes strong before next spring.

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