Aerating grass

Why Is Spring the Best Time for Aeration?

Why Does Your Grass Need Aeration?

The grassroots in the lawn take water from the above-present soil. Therefore, the insects and worms present on the upper layer of soil tend to shift in the lower portion of the earth, i.e., the roots.

These insects and worms then get involved in the constant breakage of the soil particles, and eventually, the soil would no longer look fresh and appear very dull. Therefore, spring aeration is fundamental to break the dry pockets and allow enough nutrients and moisture distribution into the soil. 

What Is The Best Season For Aeration?

Now, the most critical question is when this Aeration should take place. The answer to this question is that the spring season is the best time for the aeration process. Between March to May, Spring Aeration would prove very helpful for the soil and grass.

Aerating grass

Reasons behind the Importance of Spring Aeration:

Multiple factors make the spring season beneficial for the process of Spring Aeration. Some of these factors are stated below:

The Lawn Is In A Growing Phase: 

During the spring, you’d have noticed that everything is in full bloom after being heavily dormant during the fall and winter. All the flowers, plants, trees, and grass, everything starts growing again. Therefore, it becomes easy to perform the aeration process as it can easily target the newly developed grass, and ultimately, we can get the best kind of fresh green grass.

An Easy Way For Nutrients And Water:

During summers, when the temperature is quite hot, there are higher chances that the water being transferred towards the soil evaporates early due to the scorching heat around. If the water evaporates, there would be no benefit to aerating.

Thus, the nutrients present in this aerated water would not reach the inside roots of the grass. This would result in stale soil and dull grass. So, spring is a good season for the regular aeration of grass, where nutrients can smoothly reach the earth’s core.

Helps to Heal the Holes in soil:

As the grass grows during the spring, it is likely that it would quickly heal the holes or pockets formed during the rough seasons. During this season, the holes are filled up, and therefore, the nutrients and moisture would easily reach the roots.


Spring aeration can be an important attribute for the speedy and healthy grass growth present on the lawn.

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