Understanding the Types of Services Offered By Landscape Professionals

Sometimes even the most dedicated homeowners need some assistance in maintaining their yards. Different companies offer slightly different services, and some have specific specialties like irrigation; however, in general, these are the services they may offer:

Lawn care

Most services include mowing, edging, weed eating, and blowing. Through this service, you may be able to find a lawn care technician that specializes in lawn renovation if your grass needs some extra care. It’s a real bonus not having to care for lawn tools or manage all the cuts.

Garden Bed Maintenance

Involves weeding, tidying, dead-heading, and removing dead plants. A great way to ensure your garden bed looks nice, clean, and tidy.


This is another service to keep your yard looking neat. This can include plants, trees, and hedging.

Seasonal Property Cleanup

Property cleanup usually takes place in the springtime or fall. This includes the removal of leaves, fallen tree limbs, litter, and other organic debris.


Services can range from designing and installing a system to maintaining and inspecting it.

Landscape Design

This service can be anything from choosing the right plants for your yard to planning a significant hardscaping project. Landscape technicians can figure out issues such as drainage or even help design outdoor structures such as pergolas. They should know your local climate and be able to devise the perfect planting scheme.

Landscape Design

Lawn Mowing & Trimming: Regular mowing keeps your lawn looking great. A landscape or lawn care technician will do a great job getting around those edges and awkward corners while clearing up the job.

Tree & Shrub Planting: Planting more oversized items like trees and shrubs can be tedious and lengthy, but a professional arborist can help you choose the correct size plants for your plot and give them the best start to life on your property. Landscapers can also keep trees and shrubs tidy.

Gardening & Weed Control: This is another regularly scheduled task that’s good to delegate. General gardening duties can involve weeding, raking, hoeing, deadheading, pulling up dead plants, watering, feeding, and composting. Having a landscaper do this frees you up for other jobs such as planting… or grilling.

Pesticide Application: Professional landscapers know the safest and most effective way to apply pesticides. There are two approaches: prevention and cure. Your chosen contractor will inform you on how they plan to mitigate against pest invasions and how they can help if your yard gets a sudden infestation.

Yard Cleaning & Waste Disposal: Most of us generally have two big annual yard cleans: When we winterize our gardens, followed a few months later by the spring clean. As well as this, landscape services may offer regular outdoor cleaning alongside their mowing and weeding duties. As for disposal, getting rid of gardening debris for you is a significant advantage of professional garden services.


This article provides a good overview of the types of services offered by landscape professionals. It certainly helps to know what a specific contractor can do and what the job involves. It helps to have some knowledge of the work you want to be done before taking on a landscaping project with a contractor, as then you’ll be able to ask the right questions to ensure they provide the highest quality of service!

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