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Striping Lawn

Lawn Striping: Everything You Should Know

First, the striping effect is caused by sunlight reflecting off the blades of the grass. Easy right? The grass isn’t cut at two different lengths, or does the lawn have two different types of grass. This stripe effect is simply due to the glass being “bent” in another direction. As the sunlight reflects off the grass, the section of the blades bending toward you looks a darker shade of green; meanwhile, the section of the blades bending away looks a lighter shade of green.

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Spring Yard Clean-Up Checklist 2022

Finally! We’re getting closer to spring. Most people feel happy and active during spring and summer due to the greenery and flowers. But wait, are you curious about spring yard clean-up but don’t know how to start or the ideal way to do it? Don’t worry; In this blog, we’ve provided a spring yard clean-up checklist in complete detail for 2022. This checklist is straightforward and enjoyable to follow.

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Spring Property Clean Ups

Spring is a time of renewal and green grass. There’s no better way to celebrate the season than by giving your home a fresh start. Property clean-up is a great way to get rid of clutter. Whether you’re just getting started on your spring cleaning or looking for new ideas, this guide can help you get your property in good shape. Spring clean-up is helpful to make your lawn and landscape look good as new. Cleaning the property in spring is necessary as it’s the time to regrow leaves, trees, flowers, and everything.

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Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Organic lawn fertilizer aids in the growth of a lush lawn and healthy soil without harsh chemicals. It’s also suitable for children and dogs as it has no harmful ingredients. Typically, when homeowners learn about the environmental impact of these choices, many opt for chemical-free lawn care. So they can maintain their grass without introducing potentially dangerous substances into the soil and water. While each alternative has its advantages and disadvantages, deciding which to use on your lawn takes some understanding of how fertilizers operate and all plants’ nutrients. Organic fertilizers are extremely popular amongst homeowners because of the numerous potential benefits to the soil.

Here’s what you should know if you’re thinking of using organic fertilizers this season.

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