grass seeds on damaged lawn

The Best Temperature to Plant Grass Seeds

Most people are unaware of the exact temperature helpful for grass seeds to grow properly.

Much of the seed germination process also depends a lot on the temperature. The right temperature means better chances to produce seeds and plants.

The first and most important thing we want to mention is that the temperature of the grass always depends upon the grass type and the temperature of the soil. Additionally, you should know the best season to plant grass. In most cases, people and professionals recommend growing the grass in February.

This post provides a complete guide and further information on the best temperature to plant grass seeds.

grass seeds on damaged lawn

Dormancy is a stage when any plant stops growing for a specific period. Now the question which comes to your mind is how it is related to the grass seeds and their growth process. You must know that when the grass seed requires less or more temperature to grow correctly, the grass stops its growth. In other words, you can say that abnormal temperature conditions lead to making the grass seeds in a dormant stage.

According to U.S. Department of Agriculture research, grass goes into the dormant stage when the temperature is less than 40 degrees C or more than 90 degrees C. These are the environmental stages when the environment is too cold or dry. 

Temperature Required by the Cool Season Grass Type

Cool-season grass type grows better when the environment is cooler. The ideal time is in the middle of March. The temperature required for seeds of this grass to germinate is between 55 degrees C to 65 degrees C. if these temperatures are not met, we recommend creating artificial conditions which lead to enough temperature. 

Temperature Required by the Warm Season Grass Type

Warm-season grasses are those which grow in warmer environmental conditions. They require a higher temperature than the ones needed for the cool-season grasses. The estimated temperature that a warm grass seed requires to germinate is 70 degrees C. However, the temperature must be 80 degrees C at night and midnight. 

Moreover, all types of grass seeds germinate in the spring season. So, we recommend planting them in the spring season. Moreover, make the soil hydrated enough before planting your seeds.

Final Verdict

We conclude that the exact temperature required to plant seeds depends upon the type of grass and the soil’s temperature. Moreover, ensure that the ground where you want to plant them gets enough nutrients and temperature. 

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