Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Organic lawn fertilizer aids in the growth of a lush lawn and healthy soil without harsh chemicals. It's also suitable for children and dogs as it has no harmful ingredients. Typically, when homeowners learn about the environmental impact of these choices, many opt for chemical-free lawn care. So they can maintain their grass without introducing potentially dangerous substances into the soil and water. While each alternative has its advantages and disadvantages, deciding which to use on your lawn takes some understanding of how fertilizers operate and all plants' nutrients. Organic fertilizers are extremely popular amongst homeowners because of the numerous potential benefits to the soil. Here's what you should know if you're thinking of using organic fertilizers this season.

Advantages of Organic lawn fertilizer

Organic lawn fertilizers are natural products that help maintain a healthy lawn.

In addition to providing nutrients, the organic matter remains in the soil and decomposes to enhance soil structure.

They promote the existence of helpful microorganisms, which break down organic stuff into compounds that roots may absorb.
Reduced chemical exposure

Organic fertilizers are less hazardous to the environment, you, your family, and your pets, so there’s no need to stay away from your lawn following treatments.

If you apply too much, it will not burn your lawn.

Improves the condition of your soil over time and revitalizes the ecosystem of your lawn.

Good investment over time

While organic fertilizers can be more costly than synthetic fertilizers, organic fertilizers and practices lower the total demand for nutrient and pesticide applications.

Disadvantages of Organic lawn fertilizer

Some are inconsistent and break down at various times.
They degrade slowly

The advantages may not be apparent for months.

Honestly, they stink – at least some of them do. 

Because fertilizers have to be sprayed at a high rate to succeed, fish emulsion products can leave your lawn smelling not so good.

Weeds may increase, and grub infestations may be more common in your lawn.


  • Although organic fertilizers are safer for children and pets, and the environment, this is only true if the appropriate organic fertilizer is chosen based on soil nutrient availability. 

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