Striping Lawn

Lawn Striping: Everything You Should Know

First, the striping effect is caused by sunlight reflecting off the blades of the grass. Easy right? The grass isn’t cut at two different lengths, or does the lawn have two different types of grass. This stripe effect is simply due to the glass being “bent” in another direction. As the sunlight reflects off the grass, the section of the blades bending toward you looks a darker shade of green; meanwhile, the section of the blades bending away looks a lighter shade of green.

How to Stripe A Lawn

It’s not too tricky, but first, you need a certain add-on to your mower. In order to bend the grass, you’ll need to apply a necessary amount of weight. You’ll need an add-on called a lawn roller; it’s a heavy cylindrical-shaped metal or plastic tool. The lawn rollers usually attach to the back of your mower. These lawn rollers can range in price as well. Just be sure the roller is labeled as compatible with your mower size.

Striping Lawn

Stripe Patterns

You can stripe your lawn in various patterns, such as checkerboards, stripes, or diagonally.

Basic Stripe Pattern

A basic stripe pattern is acquired by mowing a border around the perimeter of your lawn, then mowing the entire length of the lawn in a single, straight parallel line to the edge of the lawn. When you reach the other end of the lawn, you’ll face your mower in the opposite direction of the previous stripe and mow a new one adjacent to the previous one. Repeating until you’ve done this to your whole lawn

Checkerboard Pattern

For this pattern, you would create a basic stripe pattern (listed above) then mow the same pattern again, this time perpendicular to the stripes.

Diagonal Pattern

To create this pattern, you would follow the same instructions as the basic stripe pattern, but instead of mowing parallel to the edge of the lawn, you would mow diagonally.

Benefits of Striping

Lawn striping isn’t just for decoration. It can improve curb appeal and even benefit the health of your lawn – provided you do it right.

Encourages Growth

The actual value of lawn striping is that it encourages healthy grass growth. Mowing your lawn in a single direction can create grooves, ruts (track marker), or low-growth spots that lead to an uneven, matted lawn.

Mowing the lawn in separate directions for a striped effect prevents lawn deformities and low spots. This gives the look of a uniform, good-looking property where the grass can get equal access to sunlight.

Improves Curb Appeal

Lawn Striping can take your lawn to the next level. Striping can be used to accentuate certain parts of a property. By adding the stripe pattern to a particular location like a flowerbed, you can draw attention to that area.

Lawn striping is an excellent way to set your lawn apart from the competition and create a lawn everyone admires.

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