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Keeping A Green Lawn During the Summer

Lawn care is a big business in the United States, with Americans spending about $76 billion a year to keep their yards nice and green.

Lawn care is a big business in the United States, with Americans spending about $76 billion a year to keep their yards nice and green. Depending on the size of your yard and other factors, lawn mowing services can cost from $45 to $200 per week. However, despite the amount of money or time you spend mowing and caring for your lawn, it could turn an unattractive shade of brown once the summer heat arrives.

green grass

Lawn maintenance is a standard service that most landscaping and lawn care technicians provide. If you’re looking to enjoy a lush, green lawn all summer long, you can hire a lawn care company to help you with scheduled maintenance. Alternatively, if you take pride in maintaining your property yourself, you can keep your lawn green by practicing the following techniques:

Mow high:

To encourage deeper roots, mow your grass to a 3–4-inch height. Taller grass heights provide more shade for the lawn’s root system, which will keep it cooler during hot days. If you like to keep your property short during the summer, be prepared for the dormant brown color after about three months of green, healthy grass growth. No matter how carefully you mow, this may be the outcome.

Deep, regular watering:

If you want a green lawn all summer long, you must water it consistently. Instead of shallow watering every day, water your long deeply once or twice a week. One and a half inches of water a week will keep your lawn nice and saturated. Or, if you don’t want all that responsibility, you can invest in a home irrigation system that can be preprogrammed to water your lawn.

The importance of watering your garden

Water early:

Water when the sun will cause the least evaporation. Watering early in the morning is best. The next best practice is to water in the evening but do it early enough, so the grass is not wet overnight, encouraging fungal growth. That’s much responsibility. You can invest in a home irrigation system that can be programmed to water your lawn at a specific time.

Mower maintenance:

A dull, poorly maintained mower will only harm your lawn. Mower maintenance includes sharpening the blades and changing the oil, filter, and spark plugs. Worn mower blades won’t completely cut your property, leaving brown tips on the grass blades. Keeping your lawn nice and green can be a lot of work and responsibility. This is a service that a landscaping or lawn care technician can provide.

Pet Waste:

When your furry friend does his business on your lawn, he is over-fertilizing that one area in your yard because dog urine is high in nitrogen. Nitrogen is found in the soil, but when it is highly concentrated, it can cause the death of grass, resulting in it turning brown or yellow. This can cause yellow spots to be found all around your lawn. Instead, we recommend flushing the area immediately with water afterward to prevent that spot from yellowing.

Apply Fertilizer:

Some landscaping and lawn care technicians may recommend fertilizing your lawn every six weeks. However, you may find that this causes your property to grow too quickly when using traditional fertilizers. A lower nitrogen content fertilizer between 10-14 will keep your lawn green while keeping an average paced growth. Using a mower that doesn’t bag grass clippings can also help naturally fertilize your lawn by recycling the nutrients in the grass clippings back into the soil. Apply the fertilizer evenly and carefully; too much fertilizer can turn the turf brown.

If your lawn is brown, don’t feel embarrassed. Reviving a brown lawn is a commonly requested service that landscape and lawn care technicians receive. Unfortunately, if your property is already brown, there’s not much a technician can do to bring the green back before fall.  To prevent this frustrating situation, follow the lawn maintenance tips above.

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