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How To Permanently Kill Weeds In Your Lawn

Do you want to know how to kill those pesky weeds on your lawn? Don't worry; we provided complete information on killing weeds permanently. This is not an easy task, as some solutions to killing the weeds may harm or kill other plants. So, here are the top strategies you can use to kill weeds without causing any damage to your lawn. Following these proven strategies will help your lawn look green and beautiful.

Best Methods To Permanently Kill Weeds

Here are the top ways which can control weeds permanently from the lawn!

1.    Using Natural Methods

Mulch helps remove the weeds from roots and keep your land fertile. So, it’s necessary to use a good amount of mulch to get rid of those weeds. Make sure to spread the mulch 2 inches above the standard height to help kill the weeds. Moreover, the mulch is not harmful to plants and trees, which is another advantage.

Using mulch to permanently kill weeds


2.    Using DIY Methods

Using apple cider is another beneficial way of killing weeds in your lawns. Apple cider vinegar includes acetic acid, which is directly helpful in killing weeds. To apply this to weeds, follow these steps carefully!

  • Mix some amount of apple cider in the water and make a solution
  • Now clean your lawn from dust and dirt particles as they can permanently affect the beauty of the lawn
  • Now apply the solution evenly to your garden and lawn

Note: Apple cider is helpful as it will also remove grass, herbs, and shrubs which are not considered suitable for a lawn.

3.    Using Biological Methods

In a biological method, another plant or animal is used to kill weeds. It is considered the best strategy because it does not harm other plants and weeds you want to retain on the lawn.

Here, insects are used in high quantities for permanent effects. It is the easiest way. However, recommendations are necessary. In this case, don’t allow any other animals or children to enter the garden for a specific time you have applied a weed killer. The reason is that they can be harmful to kids and animals.

4.    Using Chemicals

Usage of chemicals is a quick way to get rid of weeds permanently. There are multiple chemicals in the form of sprays available on the market. On the other hand, some common chemicals available in your home can also be helpful for laws to kill weeds.

Glyphosate is an effective chemical that helps quickly get rid of weeds. It can also kill unwanted grass, plants, and shrubs. Use it in the form of spray by mixing it with water and see the positive effects in a short time. 

There are readily available brands, including Ortho Grass B Gone Garden Grass Killer, which helps kill weeds. 

All the chemicals used to kill weeds permanently are available at reasonable rates in the market and have fewer cons. So, we recommend using chemicals for immediate effects.

killing weeds with chemicals


5.    Physical and Mechanical Methods 

If you don’t want to use chemicals as you are sensitive to them or if you’re going to use a method without much cost, a physical method can help you. Here are some ways involved in this free method:

Hand Pulling

Hand pulling, also named hand weeding, effectively kills 90% of the weeds. Here weeds are removed from the garden by hand when they are in the initial stage to stop spreading. Additionally, the best time to hand-pull weeds is after it rains, as the soil can quickly leave the roots of plants and weeds. 


This is another effective way to get rid of weeds. Tillage is recommended to do when there is sunlight outside by plowing deeply. A small blade or a large item for tilling the land is enough to make the land not suitable for weeds and unwanted plants.

6.    Soil Solarization

Soil solarization is recommended to perform even if you’ve gotten rid of weeds as it stops the weeds from growing in the future. It’s the process where you cover your land entirely such that it is not affected by weeds and other pests in the future. This activity is performed right after you have done the weed-killing process. A plastic tarp is applied to the soil to catch sunlight and the necessary chemicals for other plants. 

Moreover, a plastic tarp made of polyethylene is recommended to use for this purpose. A polyethylene plastic tarp can easily catch sunlight and other chemicals from the soil. 

7.   Natural ways of Killing Weeds 

There are some natural ways of killing weeds permanently. Although these may take time to show results, the advantage is that they will never destroy other plants and trees. 

One of the best ways is to water the soil as the soil is more likely to grow plants and weeds when it’s taking enough water because of the high fertility. As long as you water the lawn, its fertility value becomes low, and hence no more weeds can grow. 

However, the negative effect is that less water may cease the growth of other ornamental plants and trees. Don’t worry about it as you can use those plants that are easy to grow in less water quantity. 

This way is recommended by most landowners and professionals working in plants and tree sides. 

Pros and Cons of Killing Weeds Permanently

Pros of killing Weeds Permanently

  • Getting rid of weeds and unwanted plants
  • It helps increase soil fertility as the nutrients used by the weeds and now used by other plants.
  • It helps to enhance the beauty of the yard 

Cons of Killing Weeds Permanently

  • It can cause damage to other unwanted plants and trees
  • Killing weeds may be a reason for invading weed hater pests in the garden


Here are some ways to kill weeds permanently. All these ways are great to use, and we highly recommend using them as a quick way of removing weeds. For more information and tips to make your lawns keep reading our latest posts

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