Growth Regulators For Your Lawn

Growth regulators are commonly known as GPR. GPR works by inhibiting the production of an enzyme in plants called Gibberellic Acid. The function of this acid is plant growth vertically. Inhibition of this enzyme stops the plant’s vertical development, not affecting other processes such as respiration and photosynthesis. All the plant’s energy is used for lateral growth resulting in smaller and more delicate leavers. This leaf growth enhances the look of the plants.

Benefits of Growth Regulators:

  1. Saves water:

GPR is used for better plant growth and development. One of the benefits of GPR is that it inhibits water loss and saves water in plants. GPR is responsible for the closing of stomata for a more extended period. Stomata are the pores in plants through which water escapes. GPR encourages stomata closure to losing less water from the plant’s body. This stomata closure saves water in plants and promotes plant growth.

  • Controlled Growth of Grass:

 GPR inhibits gibberellic acid production. As a result, grass grows more in width than length. Due to this inhibition in vertical growth, the need to mow the grass is significantly reduced, and the lawn looks more filled with hay, providing a better look. GPR can inhibit the vertical growth of grass for 3 to 4 weeks after its application.

  • Improves heat tolerance of plants for better growth:

As PGR reduces the water loss from plants, it helps improve the plants’ heat tolerance in hot weather. Plants absorb water to regulate their body temperature. When that water is conserved in the plant’s body, results can be seen in better growth and development of the plants. Also, GPR increases the density of roots so that more water can be absorbed even if the soil is dry. This phenomenon is beneficial for plants growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are growth regulators?

Ans. Plant growth regulators are the chemicals used for plants’ better and optimal growth. These chemicals are used in lawns better to develop plants and the property‚Äôs overall look.

  • What is the difference between plant growth regulators and plant growth hormones?

Ans. Plants growth regulators are the chemicals synthesized by humans for better and optimal growth of the plants. At the same time, plant growth hormones are naturally synthesized within the plant’s body.

  • Do growth regulators inhibit weed growth?

Ans. Growth regulators do not affect weed growth directly. They enhance the development of grass, which in return inhibits weed growth.

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