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First Mow of the Season

The weather finally feels like spring, which means it is time for the first mow of the season. Even though winter seemed never to end, it is officially time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful North Carolina weather! Whether you are a resident of Greensboro or just visiting, be sure to take advantage of the many outdoor activities our city has to offer for the first mow of the season here.

Tips for First Mow of the Season

Here are some helpful tips to make your lawn or property beautiful as it’s time to get ready for spring.

Very First Cut

Consider the first cut as the foundation of your lawn for the rest of the season. Cut down the grass with the help of a sharp mower. If the grass is taller than usual, cut one-third of its height for better results.

On the other hand, if your grass hasn’t grown much, cut it down by half of its height in the first mow. Similarly, cut down all other tree branches in a similar way. Try to cut their outer exceeded parts to get new extensions.


Watering the grass, plants, and trees is necessary. However, if there is rain or any water available by natural resources, there is no need to water them yourself. In either case, make sure they’re getting enough water, making them fresh and ready to grow.

Removing Thatch 

Dethatching is a significant part of spring lawn care. People often do this during the fall as it can save your lawn from the harmful effects of insects, pests, and sunrays. However, it’s not recommended to do this late- spring or at the end of winter. So, we would recommend dethatching a necessary part of the start of season lawn care.

Some Easy Tips for First Mow Season

  • Don’t cut and mow the grass when it’s wet.¬†
  • If you are not getting good results, try changing the mowing pattern.
  • Ensure you’re maintaining a proper mowing frequency, i.e., doing it at a specific interval with time regulation.

Wrapping Up First Mow of the Season

Our yards are finally showing signs of life, and with the first mow of the season coming, a whole new set of challenges have arrived. If you’re like most homeowners, you may be wondering what the best way is to tackle the thick layer of grass and weeds that have been slowly growing in your yard all winter long. Here at Doc-Bros, we’ve got you covered.

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