weeds on lawn

Common Winter Weeds Found In Alabama

People don’t like the garden weeds, but they need some weeds for their garden because the garden won’t be complete without them, even in the presence of the vegetables, fruits, and other plants.

If you are looking for the winter weeds that are common and easy to grow in the Alabama lawns, we will mention some of the weeds you can control and expand in your yard. You can see these winter weeds in your garden, and it depends on you whether you want to grow them or eliminate them according to the condition of your lawn.

weeds on lawn

Common Weeds in Alabama Lawn

1.   Annual Bluegrass

As we have earlier discussed, these weeds are common in the winter and season, and you may also see them in the winter season. The Annual Bluegrass is one of the common winter weeds from them. It has a light green color that looks like a cluster flower; primarily, this weed is found in areas with low calcium, low potassium, low magnesium, poor drainage system, low chlorine, and high sodium content. So, the Annual Bluegrass grows in that soil with deficient minerals.

2.   Bittercress

This winter weed looks very attractive because the leaves of the Bittercress consist of two to four leaflets that are randomly arranged at the height of 12 inches. The exciting thing about the Bittercress is that some small flowers are also growing at the ends of the stems, making them attractive. You will see these weeds in the wet disturbed areas and poor drainage areas, like in the landscape beds.

3.   Blackmagic

It is a low trailing summer annual weed that can act like a perennial in some conditions. This weed is widespread in the lawns and gardens that are stressed from the compaction. The Blackmagic mainly grows because of the heat and drought.

Blackmagic has a yellow color small flower on the stems that makes it attractive; this weed has broad leaves that are very close to each other. Even a single root of the Blackmagic can quickly spread in the nearby area and makes it grassy.

4.   Broomsedge

The exciting thing about this weed is that this is mainly growing with the other grass you want to grow; maybe you have observed that sometimes you plant some plants in the small areas, and an extended type of grass automatically increases that is the Broomsedge.

The Broomsedge leaves look like the long hairs of the animals on their neck. These weeds will disturb the plants and vegetables you want to grow in your garden, like mint and other plants.

5.   Buckhorn Plantain

This weed has extensive types of leaves that many vegetables have, like carrots and some other vegetables. You can also see an egg-type flower at the top stem of Buckhorn Plantain. Their leaves have an egg-type shape that will make your garden green, these types of weeds grow in weak lands with shallow content of calcium, magnesium, potassium, and some other essential minerals.

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