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Cleaning Tips for Backyard Parties and BBQs

Summer usually means many barbecues with family, friends, and neighbors. You might host many guests in your backyard this season between cookouts and parties. However, after a long winter and messy spring, your backyard may not be ready for get-togethers. Don’t panic! We’ve got you covered; this article outlines some practical outdoor cleaning tips to help you better prepare for this backyard BBQ season.

#1: Inspect your lawn

Your guests will first notice your lawn, so be sure to address any issues before they get to your backyard venue. Give the grass a good cut, finish or put away any pending yard projects and check the sprinkler system to ensure your daily watering schedule doesn’t start when the guests arrive.

#2: Don’t forget the walkways

Hardscapes like the driveway, sidewalk, and backyard walkways can often look not so good after the winter. After all that shoveling and salting. Eliminate any evidence of a harsh winter season by cleaning pathways and repairing crumbling surfaces. You can do this with an outdoor broom and start getting to work!

#3: Everyone likes lights

Brighten a dull dining area with solar or battery-operated lights. Both options are convenient since no wiring is required. Another fun option is to use all-weather garden torches. While at it, install lights along any dark walkways to brighten outdoor areas. This outdoor lighting isn’t only a fun way to spice up your backyard; it’ll remove any potential tripping hazards.

backyard with lights

#4: Inspect your deck or patio

Inspect the deck for any signs of decaying wood, loose railings, or open nails before guests make matters worse. If you have a cemented or brick patio, check for moss and mildew, as these can make a patio incredibly slippery. Give the patio a good washing with the garden house. You can rent a power washer from your local hardware store for larger jobs.

#5: Get your grill ready

If your grill hasn’t been used all season, it’s time to prepare it. Add a place for your grilling tools, serving dishes, and platters to efficiently prepare meals for your guests with minimal time spent running inside the house for supplies like tongs and plates.

#6: Clean up furniture

Grab a scrub brush, a microfiber cloth, and your favorite cleaning spray, and wipe down all outdoor furniture, including chairs, dining tables, and end tables. Bring your picnic table to the next level, or add some extra décor to your deck by picking up a few affordable outdoor accessories like cushions, pillows, and twinkle lights.

Get your backyard ready with these summer outdoor cleaning tips, just in time for your next outdoor party or BBQ.

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