The importance of watering your garden

A Guide to Watering Your Lawn

Best Time to Water the Grass on Your Lawn:

First, you need to understand the best time to water the Lawn. Watering midday allows evaporation as well as inefficient irrigation. On the other hand, watering at night can lead to fungal infections in the lawn grass. Thus, the only time left is early morning, which is, in fact, the most suitable for lawn watering. You can water the law around 8-10 AM for the best results.

How To Know If Your Grass Has Enough Water?

The most common parameter is to see if the grass is looking fresh. You can also use a Screwdriver for water level testing. Submerge or dip your screwdriver into the grass. If it can quickly sink up to 6-7 inches, the grass does not lack water. But if it’s the other way round, give more water to your lawn, easy!

Ways To Water Your Lawn

Multiple techniques are available for the watering process of the grass in your Lawn. These include:

● Use sprinklers for an easy spread of water

● Water manually by using a water hose.

Use an irrigation system for watering.

Watering your lawn

The Best Amount of Water for Lawn Grass

Although, there is no exact amount of water best for your Lawn. But it would help if you were careful about this aspect, as over-watering would also prove dangerous.

You have to make sure that your grass is completely immersed with a suitable quantity of water. The water should have to reach the depth of the grass. Mostly, 1-1.5 inches of water would be perfect for your lawn grass.

Mistakes Happening While Watering:

As humans, we are bound to make mistakes. But it’d be better if we try to educate ourselves before jumping into something, as sometimes our little act of carelessness can cost us a lot.

The same is the case with the watering of grass on the Lawn. So, before you make any mistakes, we’d let you know about some common blunders that can affect the quality of your grass.

● Watering at the wrong time of day

● Watering too much or too little

● Watering daily can cause some fungal diseases to the grass.

● Using the wrong kind of sprinkler for watering

● Not providing enough water to reach the roots and remains on top of the grass.


Having a lush green lawn is a dream. But good things require a little effort. Therefore, we’ve provided you with a guide for an ideal watering process for your Lawn. We hope that this guide will prove to be helpful for you!

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