growing tall fescue grass

A Guide to Growing Tall Fescue Grass

Growing tall fescue grass is not easy, and multiple factors should be considered. However, the plus side is that there’s no need for much hard work and fertilization. The grass can face extreme heat conditions without adverse effects on its growth. This post has provided complete information on growing and caring for the tall fescue grass on the lawn.

How to Grow Tall Fescue Grass?

People use multiple ways or hire professionals to grow tall fescue grass. However, it’s easy to grow, and you can perform the process yourself as it grows best from direct seeds instead of branches.

So, buy seeds and grow them on the lawn and the soil, where the maximum temperature should be around 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, growing it in a place where the ground is barren land is recommended for better growth. There are no additional requirements to follow at the time of spreading seeds.

growing tall fescue grass

Tall Fescue Lawn Care

After growth, the care of fescue grass becomes more critical. The reason is that it needs care and food at the time of change. From mowing to watering the grass, all the processes are essential and need complete care to follow. Here is a comprehensive information for your guide!

Mowing the Tall Fescue Grass

While mowing the grass, the following points are necessary to follow:

  • First, cut the grass up to 2.5 inches
  • Later, mow the grass to 3.25 inches
  • Mowing the grass when it’s 4 inches in size is recommended
  • Don’t rush, but follow the process slowly and professionally

Weeding Control Tall Fescue Grass

Weeding is all about removing weeds that are not good and why the grass is damaged. The best time to weed grass is during the summer. It’s the peak season of growth for weeds.

In addition, pre-emergent weed control products are recommended compared to pesticides or other chemicals.

Fertilizing Fescue Grass

Fertilizing tall fescue grass is essential to growing the grass correctly and on time. The best fertilizer to use is Nitrogen fertilizer. Moreover, May, June, and July are the best months to spread fertilizers.

Aerating Tall Fescue Grass

Aeration is the process where enough air is provided to the grass. The best season for aeration of this grass is the spring, when all the grass, plants, and trees have larger chances to grow.

Final Verdicts

Above is complete information on growing tall fescue grass on your lawn. Follow this guide and make your yard beautiful with fescue lawn care.

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