8 Different Types of Lawn Tools

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A healthy lawn requires proper care, and to do that. It would help if you had the proper tools as well. Your lawn requires constant attention. Making sure your grass is well-watered during the hotter seasons will benefit the health and color of your property. Aeration promotes healthy grass growth, allowing the roots to breathe and get the proper nutrients.

Raking up fallen leaves will also benefit your lawn by clearing up your property and absorbing the nutrients needed during the fall and spring. It sounds like a lot of work, we know! But lawn care requires effort but investing in the right lawn tools will make the job easier.


If you have any grass on your property, a lawnmower will be an essential tool to have. This lawn tool is used to cut grass. It doesn’t do much else for your yard other than that. Homes with larger yards could benefit from a ride-on mower, while homes with less grass could use a walk-behind mower without many problems.

There are different types of lawnmowers available on the market, but you want to consider not only the brand of the mower but also the price, cutting width, and max speed. This information will help you choose the right tool without breaking your budget.

String Trimmer

This lawn tool is helpful if you have grass in hard-to-reach areas that your mower couldn’t get to or if you trim weeds regularly. String trimmers have long, thin bodies with a head on the end that relies on a string instead of a blade to cut through the grass and weeds. By rotating the string at a very high speed, the trimmer can easily cut through any plant in its way.

There are many things to consider when shopping for a string trimmer, as some can come with different features and a few different styles. You might benefit from a straight shaft trimmer if you need to get under low shrubs and branches, while a curved shaft is lighter and easier to carry but not so good at getting under low branches.


When you want to make sure the edges of your yard are neat and trimmed down, an edger will be the best lawn tool for this. While you may think it’s similar to a string edger by appearance, an edger has vertical metal blades to the ground instead of a trimmer with horizontal strings.

Edgers are great for creating detailed edges around your lawn and along a path, walkway, driveway, and garden bed. While this tool may not be essential for the health of your yard but will benefit you if you’re looking for tools to enhance your property’s curb appeal.

If you’re edging a large area, you’d probably want to invest in a gas-powered edger rather than an electric one. While this is more expensive to operate, these are more durable and last longer. Meanwhile, electric edgers must be powered by an outlet to function.


A spreader can be a handy lawn tool. This can spread multiple products across your yard and decrease the chances of you missing a spot instead of distributing a product by hand, or you’ll spend all day completing this job on your own. You can use a spreader to apply pesticides, seeds, and fertilizers quickly, easily, and safely.


Leaf blowers can be a versatile and necessary tool for cleaning up your lawn and ensuring your space is clean and clear. They can be great in the fall for blowing away leaves instead of raking leaves.

There are multiple different models of blowers. The models can come with varying types of features and attachments. When buying a blower, consider that a powerful blower will be more costly than others. While also deciding if you want a gas or electric blower.  


While some of these lawn tools may seem optional, it is important to have at least one rake to help you keep your lawn and yard in the best possible condition. Shopping for a rake can sometimes be overwhelming due to all the different options available, which is why it’s important to know what exactly you’d be using this rake for

If you want to be able to rake up leaves during the fall, a leaf rake will be best for you. The rake is lightweight and shaped like a fan with flat, springy tines radiating forward. This type of rake is designed to be light enough to glide over the grass without damaging it.

Watering Can

If you want to be able to water specific areas of your such as bare patches, and don’t want to have to use or purchase a sprinkler system and water the whole yard, watering cans be helpful. This can be used for specific parts of your yard and watering your garden.


To water your lawn quickly and efficiently, it may be beneficial to invest in a sprinkler. There are different types of sprinklers, some may run until you stop it personally, and some come with timers or can connect to your smartphone, where you can control it from there. This will allow you to water your lawn at a specific time and prevent you from going out and setting up your sprinkler yourself too late or early.

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