aeration tips

5 Lawn Aeration Tips

Lawn aeration is a method to ensure that you have a healthy and attractive lawn in your home or garden. This process is not as simple as you think; you have to pull plugs from your property; the aeration process also makes your lawn beautiful and improves the root system and drainage, making it easy to absorb the maximum amount of water and fertilizer.

Here are some lawn aeration tips that you can follow to make your lawn more beautiful by applying these techniques.

A good lawn doesn’t automatically grow; for this, you have to work hard and follow some tips that will make your yard attractive. The more you know about this process, the more you make your property beautiful.

aeration tips

Plug Aerators Are Better Than Spike Aerators

There are two ways to aerate a lawn, but the plug aeration method is always the best option than spike aerators. Because in the plug aeration method, we remove the plugs of soil from the lawn to make sure that it can absorb more water and fertilizer. It also makes it easy to fertilize, and your property will grow in a plane way.

The good thing about the plug aeration method is that it causes less compaction, and you don’t need to perform the aeration process again and again.

Don’t Remove the Plugs

People make a mistake during the aeration process because they usually remove the plug, which is wrong. Because these plugs contain some vital elements that are important for your lawn, and if you remove them, maybe the growth of your property will stop, and it doesn’t look green.

There are many other things that you can do instead of gathering and removing the plugs from your lawn like you can run a lawnmower on them when they dry. This process can be through the pins into the holes where they come from. These plugs are an essential part of your lawn to make your property more attractive.

Aerate In the Spring and Fall

We know that everything has time to do, so the best time for the aeration is spring and fall; many people perform the process in hot or cold weather, which is wrong and unsuitable for your lawn.

Aerate when there is Moisture

In the spring season, the addition of moisture benefits the root growth, and your lawn can get full benefits from this natural moisture. We know that the plants and grasses mainly grow in the fall season, so performing the aeration process in the fall season can make your lawn a good carpet of grass.

The good thing about doing the aeration in the spring and fall seasons is that it can stop the growth of unnecessary weeds.

Make Sure the Lawn Is Properly Hydrated

Moisture is always critical for lawn care; many people grow the lawn and leave it without taking care of their property. But that is not good; we know that water is essential for all living things, so keep in mind that you will get good results if your lawn is adequately hydrated.

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