10 Best Flowering Shrubs for Your Southern Garden

You can enjoy flowers all summer long when you add a few easy-growing blooming shrubs. Most of these gorgeous plants attract birds and butterflies, turning your garden into a wildlife haven.


This white flowering shrub gives any garden a classic and timeless look. Gardenia shrubs are popular in southern states and are typically grown for their fragrant flowers and evergreen foliage. These flowers typically bloom from mid-spring to mid-summer. The blooms are usually white with yellow tubular-based centers.

White gardenia shrub


This is a well-loved shrub in the South. Azaleas offer some of the best curb appeal potential. These bushes typically have bright flowers that grow in clusters and are often fragrant. The most common flower colors for azaleas are shades of red, pink, and white. Most azaleas like full sun but can tolerate partial shade.

azalea shrub bush


Camellia are evergreen bushes that bloom from winter to early spring. The flowering shrubs are perfect for shady areas and provide year-round interest. Bloom colors can range from white, pink, red, coral, purple, and yellow.

Pink camellia flowers


Lilac shrubs are commonly grown for their very fragrant flowers that bloom every spring. The popular shrubs are low maintenance and easy to care for once established. These ornamental plants are very common in parks and commercial areas because of the sweet smell that arrives when they bloom. Lilacs are very commonly grown by homeowners because they are low maintenance. Sadly, lilacs don’t bloom well in southern climates due to our short, mild winters. Luckily, there’s another kind of lilac called the Bloomerang Lilac, a reblooming lilac. Click here to learn more.

lilac shrub


You’ve probably heard it’s too hot in the south to grow peonies. These prestigious perennials can thrive here if you properly care for them. The popular peony varieties are blush pink, stark white, or cream. They bloom from late spring through early summer, depending on your location and the type of peonies you’re growing.

peony shrub


This flowering shrub blooms profusely in the springtime and reblooms through the summer. Weigela bushes typically bloom in beautiful pink or white flowers. It makes for s great shrub to fill any flowerbed you have lying around that needs some personality.


Hyacinths bloom in mid-spring, filling the garden with a burst of pastel colors when most of the garden is just waking up. Their intoxicating fragrance is often referred to as “nature’s perfume.” Like most perennial bulbs, they’re easy to grow and come back year after year.



Chrysanthemums or mums will bring color to your southern landscape. In October, they’re everywhere! The best time to plant mums is in the spring. It gives them plenty of time put down roots, gather sunlight in the summer, and bloom profusely in autumn. Colors include white, yellow, red, pink, orange, bronze, purple, lavender, and multicolor. If you’re interested in planting mums in the fall, this study by the University of Florida gives good information on chrysanthemums and planting them, along with our blog, How to Take of Mums.


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